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  Lora Martinig


I like:
I love to be busy, active and creative.  I achieve these things by cooking, gardening, sewing and decorating.  I'm happiest hiking in the bush with my dog.  Since early childhood I’ve been fascinated by geography and can spend hours engrossed in an atlas or google earth.  It feeds my yen for travel!


Experience the difference:
I believe in treating people how I like to be treated.  I think it is important for guests to feel good about themselves and I like to help you achieve that whether it's helping you choose jewelry, a new purse, the right watch or simply paying you a compliment.  I LOVE to make people laugh!


Something else you might like to know about me:
I have an eclectic personality; it shows in my different tastes in fashion, decor, music, food and mostly friendships.

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