Marissa Pirart


I like:

spending time with my family, road trips, getting outside, photography, cooking, and all things holistic/natural. 

Experience the difference:

Getting to know regular guests are and creating a good relationship with everyone who walks through the door is my idea of excellent customer service.  Everyone has a story and I believe that even a smile can brighten a person's whole day.  I love helping people feel good about themselves!  I believe guests rely on you to be the "know all" of products and I do my best to always have answers and recommendations for them based on specific needs.


Something else you might like to know about me:

I was born in Powell River and moved to Alberta when I was 4. I moved back in the summer of 2016 with my family.  My daughter is my whole world and I am a huge hippy at heart.  I am a Reiki Level One Practicioner and I am always drinking coffee.