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2017 Trends: braids, buns and...

It’s straight, its curly, it’s blonde, it’s dark. Hair has never been so diverse. 2017 trends are also not intimidating - they match you, or what is easily achievable for you.

Braids have definitely emerged as a major hair trend for Fall/Winter, we are seeing them featured on the runways, fashion blogs and social media posts. Very street-style inspired, polished or messy, a braid can be the perfect finish to any look.

Buns are also another hot hair trend this season. From messy and loose to tight and sleek, or a quick topknot. Try a new look for your holiday party this winter. Go for that undone yet fabulous up-style to take you from drinks with the girls, your staff party or a date with your fave guy!

Don’t forget your nails

Nails and eyelash extensions make a girl feel complete! Nail lengths and shapes are personal. So decide what works best for you. Did you know that nail shapes have names? Yes, someone has actually named them: the coffin, stiletto, ballerina, square, square round! You can decide which style suits your lifestyle, and it doesn’t have to be the same as anyone else :)

We are lucky. Trends this year are very individual. That means we can be our best selves! And you can express the real you. Try a bold colour, get messy with your bun, figure out a braid, get an eyelash extension, or wear something flashy - because you’ve always wanted to.



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