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Root Cover Up is a game changer

We have all been there!! One day your hair colour is fine and the next day, you have a big night planned and you're looking in the mirror under a bright light and realize you should have booked in for a root touchup.

Color Wow Root Cover Up is a major game-changer in the beauty industry, I personally love it. We have had it in the salon for 6 months and the client feedb

ack is great, everyone loves the results.

What is it? Color Wow's Root Cover Up helps to cover grey roots. It is a mineral powder formula, for everyone with colour-treated hair or highlights. It is available in seven shades, including light and dark blondes and browns, as well as red, black and platinum blonde.

Why we like Color Wow's Root Cover Up: It takes a minute or so to apply, and covers or blends up root regrowth and stays put until you wash your hair. I love it even more after having tried the spray-on coverups. I couldn’t stand how flat in colour the cheaper ones were and yet they all got on my skin no matter how careful I was when applying them; they had to be washed off before going anywhere.

How do I use it: Style hair as usual and apply Root Cover Up to any grey hair using the enclosed brush. Root Cover Up can even be used on dark roots that appear in highlighted or bleached hair. Brush light shades over dark roots, immediately brightening the area so it blends naturally with the colour-treated hair.

Why its wow: Mineral pigments are an excellent choice for matching all hair colours; they are both opaque and reflective. There are no waxes, which is important because that's what can create a dull, unnatural finish. Wow Root Cover Up has received over 30 major beauty industry awards….and its not tested on animals, and contains no paragons. Try it!



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