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Graduation Day Reflections

Graduation is a day where student's hard work over the duration of their school years is recognized with a celebration. For most girls, the excitement of being a princess for a day is paramount. It's the dress, makeup, accessories, shoes and the hair. The finest of details are scrutinized to perfection.

You can always tell when Graduation Day has arrived just by the energy. I'm talking about the entire town, not just in the salon or the venue. Parents and grandparents polish up their collector cars to chauffeur their not-so-little babies to their big day. Handmade signs are posted in windows showing their congratulations as the students aren't just students; they are their children, cousins, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters and friends. Flower sales in your local grocery store are higher than normal and the population of the city seems to take a little jump with proud family members travelling all sorts of distances to support such a huge accomplishment.

I was lucky enough to be in the salon on Saturday, June 3rd. We dedicated Saturday to be completely exclusive for graduates. The level of excitement had the entire shop buzzing. All of the girls were showing their support to one another; giving compliments, laughing, sharing their plans and mingling while they took turns having their hair and makeup done to polish off their look before their gowns went on. Watching these beautiful girls come in and walk out of the salon with such a transformation had all of us begin to reflect on our own past graduation excitement.

It's safe to say everyone wore a smile on that day.

With my camera in tow, I managed to capture a few photos of the absolutely stunning styles the girls created. Classic up-dos, curls and braids were the trend for this year and the girls managed to keep each style distinctly unique from one another. As quickly as the day came, it passed, and I am eagerly looking forward to watching the excitement build in 2018 when graduation day rolls around once again.



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